More and More businesses today are adopting a new Paradigm in creating a sustainable business model. A model which balances the needs of the present generation without compromising the well-being of the future generations.

As a socially responsible company we completely understand our role and responsibility towards the society and the environment . We as an organization have taken a lot of initiatives to reduce the potential impact of our business on the environment by improving the water , energy and chemical efficiency. Below are some of the initiatives :

1) ETP And Water Recycling : :

We have a state of the art Effluent Treatment / Water recycling plant to reduce water demand wherein more than 85 % of the fully treated waste water is recycled and circled back to use.

2) Energy Conservation : :

We have been using Solar energy to heat the water , used in our laundry processes , up to 50-60 degrees centigrade. We have also installed solar panels to generate our own solar energy. This energy generated is utilized in various processes.

3) Laundry Processes : :

Our Technical teams and Laundry specialists are consistently working on recipes to reduce the liquor ratio without affecting the wash outcome , which means reduced consumption of water used in the wash processes.

4) Environment Impact Measure ( EIM ) Software : : We have also installed a software to assess the environmental impact and measure it against predefined industry benchmarks. This helps us to monitor our processes in four categories ; Water consumption , Energy consumption , Chemicals used and worker health.
5) Ozone / Waterless Washing : We have installed Ozone machines in our laundry which use Dry Ozone gas in place of Bleach and water and thus produce the desired wash effects ; this eliminates usage of water and reduces consumption of chemicals.

6) Detox / Zero Discharge of Hazardous chemicals ( ZDHC ) : As a part of Greenpeace International’s Detox campaign , test results of samples of waste water are periodically uploaded on the IPE ( Institute of Public and Environmental affairs )website. Furthermore we are registered on the ZDHC gateway which is a program towards eliminating the use of hazardous chemicals in the fashion and textile industry. Samples of wastewater from our ETP plant are picked up periodically and tested in the authorized labs to ensure there is conformity to the standards defined by ZDHC.

7) H2O Insight : : We are registered on the H2O Insight website which is designed to make it easy to collect water used in global production and identify opportunities to improve water efficiency.

8) Higgs Index : We are registered on the Higgs Index which is a suite of tools designed by the Sustainable Apparel coalition to measure a company’s or product’s sustainability performance.

9) ORGANIC / GOTS and OCS Certified : Our facilities are Approved to produce Organic apparel products. We have been approved for GOTS ( Global organic Textile standard ) and OCS production. We are also BCI ( Better Cotton Initiative ) Approved and can transfer credits to our retail customers if they are BCI approved as well. Our Mill partners are also approved to supply us Organic and BCI approved fabrics. So we can deliver products which are labeled as Organic.

10) Close Association with Brands : We work very closely with brands on all environment related matters as also mentioned above thus ensuring that there is minimal impact on the environment and natural resources . For example we are working very closely with The Gap Inc. on a special program called “ India water partnership program “ which is aimed at reducing energy , chemicals and water consumption in our processes. To achieve this a special team of consultants is appointed who are working closely with Gap and our teams. We are also Approved from Zara (Inditex ) for a special program called “ JOIN LIFE “which is aimed towards sustainability and producing fashion in an environmental friendly way. Join Life products carry tags like “ Care for Fiber “ , “ Care for Water “ and “ Care for Planet “.

11) Recycled Fabrics : : We work closely with our mill partners to use fabrics which are made from recycled materials and PCW ( Post-consumer waste ). This is a circular business model where in fabrics are made from Old clothes and used again to make new clothes.