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We, at Chelsea Concrete, manufacture and deliver the best concrete products in the region. Our ethos is simple; build the best product, keep developing new designs and maintain the highest standard of quality. This commitment is self evident in the fact that we have one the best manufacturing plants in the world, today. Our complete automated system leaves no room for error or delay.

Quality of the finished product depends on the quality of the raw material. We source only the finest aggregate, cement, sand, fly ash available. We have helped our vendors to better organize themselves and improve on the quality that they offer. We continue to do so, daily.

We are dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint and the soil erosion caused by using traditional building material like clay bricks.


We, at Chelsea, are determined to usher in the age of Urban Planning and sustainable architecture. This includes quick, sustainable and cost effective solutions to an infrastructure starved India. We want to establish 'green' building products as the norm and want to see the country move forward in the direction of aesthetic, sustainable design and quick, responsible execution.


We operate a cutting edge manufacturing facility delivered by Hess, Germany. Fulfillment Capacity :

Concrete Blocks/Day

5000 M2
Pavers Stones/Day

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Persistent innovation and exceptional customer service form the foundation of our values and these founding principles have marked every venture of Chelsea, making us one of the leading names in the vast world of concrete.

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